ProductCommercial facilities

Highly functional and tailored for
diversification in the modern city

Our shutters for commercial buildings and factories are strong enough for absolute security and are designed for reliable, simple and speedy operation. Bunka Shutter have developed our shutters in response to the changing needs of industry and society. Shutters that offer protection against intruders are the one of many shutter types. We have designed shutters that serve as emergency barriers such as fire walls and smoke walls. We can cater for wide openings and provide comfortable safety in aesthetic spaces even when the shutters are closed. Our poleless fireproof /smokeproof shutter is one example. The central pillars retract into the ceiling by folding in two, and thus creating a free space. We are developing new shutters with flexible design approaches even for industrial shutters, which primarily are installed for air tightness, such as adding lighting windows and contributing to energy saving.

Inspections & maintenance

The biggest pride of Bunka Shutter is our safery system
that involves a nationwide network.

Our ATSS (At Time Service System) operates
24 hours a day 365 days a year

ATSS is Bunka Shutter's service network which can provide an appropriate response to various needs such as sudden breakdown. Currently we have 109 service stations throughout Japan and by dialing a common toll-free number, you can get in immediate contact with the service station closest to you and receive rapid response.

Advice from specialists

For example not only can we respond to requests such as "part of my shutter is dented, can I have that part replaced?" "I have lost my shutter key, is there a spare key?" or "I want everyone in the family to have a remote control, can I have more?", but we can also offer advice regarding upgrading materials and other functional upgrades.

Safety is a precious asset

The product liability law provides extra weight to manufacturer liability. Despite the numerous measures that manufacturers take to ensure utmost quality, products can sometimes end up less than perfect. To prevent the managers of a building being left with an unexpected problem, we diligently and carefully help to maintain smooth running by conducting regular inspection.

Regular peace-of-mind inspections by qualified personnel

Recently disaster and accident prevention has become increasingly important. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has revised the Building Standard Law to include regular inspection systems, more items subject to inspection and improvements to disaster prevention. Bunka Shutter has placed importance on maintenance of shutters for a long time and we provide maintenance services that are performed by personnel who has obtained comprehensive training in shutter periodic inspections.