Message from President

We aim to create a comfortable environment solutions group that will open up the future.


Since its inception in 1955, we have been developing our business as a comprehensive building material manufacturer that manufactures and sells various shutters, building materials for buildings, and housing materials, under a consistent responsibility system that handles everything from manufacturing to sales, construction, and after maintenance. We endeavor to provide products and services that are useful for our daily lives based on two concepts: Life-in, which provides products developed from the perspective of consumers, and the Life Long Partnership, which aims to create a permanent relationship of trust with customers by enhancing the after-sales maintenance system.

In our three-year medium-term management plan with fiscal 2023 as the final year, the Group is striving to realize the basic theme of “aiming for a comfortable environment solution group that will open up the future,” with a focus on capital costs and balance sheet management.

In order to realize a sustainable society linked to ESG management and SDGs philosophy, this medium-term plan focuses on efforts to contribute to “mitigation” and “adaptation” in response to climate change. As one of the core businesses of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, while the “Eco & Disaster Prevention Project” and the “Eco & Disaster Prevention Project,” which minimizes the damage caused by large-scale natural disasters, are positioned as “Eco & Disaster Prevention Project,” which minimizes the damage caused by large-scale natural disasters.

While promoting management from an ESG perspective, our approach to E is to accelerate efforts toward a decarbonized society in 2021, and we aim to achieve zero real greenhouse gas emissions in business activities in 2050 with our declaration of decarbonization and TCFD (Climate-related Financial Information Disclosure Task Force). In fiscal 2022, we formulated an environmental vision “Blue neXpand 2050-Let’s Expand 2050-Let’s Expand the Future-” to pursue not only measures to prevent global warming to reduce the negative impact on the environment, but also to pursue a comfortable environment. We will try to create new value.

In order to reduce environmental impact, we have been developing steel doors using adhesive methods since 2022. This is because the production time is reduced to about one-fourth compared to the conventional welding method, and together with improving productivity by improving work efficiency, we have an initiative that can expect a CO2 reduction effect of about 180 tons per year by reducing electricity usage. We will continue to actively propose SGDs, an environmentally conscious steel door (SGD), as a product that contributes to the realization of a decarbonized society and the achievement of the SDGs.

In order to promote efforts to respect human rights, we formulated the “Cultural Shutter Group Human Rights Policy” in 2022 to promote initiatives that respect human rights. We will strive to prevent and reduce the negative impact on human rights, and take appropriate measures to correct human rights risks.

Based on these ESG perspectives, we will continue to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by promoting investment in environmental measures, such as TCFD measures and growth investment in the prime market.

Based on a long-term vision of “creating a comfortable environment for people and the global environment and contributing to a sustainable society,” the Dentsu Group will continue to respond independently to the social environment. We will continue to work on the development of our business and provide products and services needed by our customers and society. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

President and CEO