Message from President

Earning the trust of society with the aim of creating lasting corporate value Continuing to grow as a “Comfortable Environment Solutions Group”


Starting in April, our group will start a three-year medium-term management plan with the final year ending in fiscal 2026. In the current medium-term plan, we aim to shift to a management style that prioritizes efficiency necessary for sustainable growth. Maximize results through efficient business operations that make effective use of invested resources and the development of human resources to support them. By creating this, we aim to create lasting corporate value. In addition, through the practice of capital cost management, we pursue sustainable growth and efficient profit generation, and optimize capital investment. We will continue to promote management strategies based on our composition policy.

Currently, in order to realize a sustainable society that is linked to ESG management and the philosophy of SDGs, we are currently working to address the issue of climate change. As part of our efforts to contribute to mitigation and adaptation, we are focusing on projects with the keywords of ecology and disaster prevention.

From the current medium-term plan, we have added “heat shielding” and “thermal insulation” as key keywords for future growth, and We hope to lead to proposing solutions to the major issue of reducing the burden on the environment. We believe that this initiative is the social mission of our group and forms the basis of purpose management.

Next year, as we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we will continue to grow as a Comfortable Environment Solutions Group” that is trusted by society, with gratitude to all our stakeholders. Based on this long-term vision, we will continue to strive to create a society where future generations can continue to live safely, securely, and comfortably in a healthy global environment through our group’s products and services. We look forward to your continued support and guidance as we strive to create a comfortable environment for all.

Chairman of the Board of Directors