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Open the way to the Future
― Aiming to be an "Evolving Comfortable Environment Solutions Group"

presidentHiroyuki Ogura

Since its founding in 1955, Bunka Shutter has been a comprehensive building materials manufacturer that produces and sells various types of shutters, building materials for buildings and that for housing. Based on the two concepts of "Life In", which provides products developed from a consumer perspective, and "Lifelong Partnership", which creates a lasting relationship of trust with customers through the enhancement of the after-sales maintenance system, we have been committed to providing products and services that are useful in daily life, capitalizing on our strengths:"Technical Competence" and "Construction Capabilities".
In the Japanese market environment surrounding the industry, despite the end of the novel coronavirus epidemic is not foreseen, solid construction demand is expected mainly in the non-residential area, such as redevelopment projects in the city area and large-scale logistics facilities due to the expansion of the e-commerce market, and it is expected that the recovery of the economy will continue.
Under this environment, the Group is working together to create a medium-term management plan that looks ahead to the three years to 2023, and to realize the basic theme of "Open The Way To The Future -To Be A Comfortable Environment Solution Group".
In order to achieve this goal, we will continue to strive to further enhance and expand our businesses which are the shutter, door and partition businesses that form the basis of the Group. At the same time, we will continue to pursue efforts to expand its "Focused Business" to achieve further growth, focusing on "Environment and Disaster Management Business", "Maintenance Business", and "International Business".
In particular, we will actively implement water cut-off business, which provide solutions to flood prevention measures against buildings due to large-scale typhoons and heavy rain caused by climate change as the core of our environment and disaster management business. In addition, we will realize the safety and security of our customers, including the reliable implementation of the annual statutory inspection based on the periodic inspection report system for fire prevention equipment, which started in 2019, in the "Maintenance Business" that performs the repair and maintenance inspections essential to moving commercial materials, mainly in shutters. With regard to overseas business, we will promote globalization by expanding our business in Australia and Oceania, in addition to our business in ASEAN centering on Vietnam. Overseas, we promote the BX brand and accelerate the further strengthening and expansion of overseas business on the assumption that product development in accordance with the climate and condition of each region will contribute to the growth and development of the country.
Moving forward, the Group will seek to transform its business style beyond the framework of a building material manufacturer, aim to be an "Evolving Comfortable Environment Solutions Group," and strive to provide products and services needed by customers and society. We therefore appreciate your kind and ongoing support for our business.